Amazon’s Alexa and Voluntary Employee Benefits

person with a coffee cup as a head

So it may come as a complete surprise to know that just because I am a Mom it doesn’t qualify me as an early morning specialist.

It never dawned on me that my mom might not have enjoyed waking up at the crack of dawn, fixing us kids breakfast, feeding the dog, hamster, goldfish, and my Dad… pretty much in that order!

My mom did so much around the house and still had a full-time job, in addition to taking care of three kids, a house, my dad and all of our pets. Why am I suddenly thankful for my mom and her amazing early morning organizational skills? Well, I was just running around the kitchen getting my son ready for school, helping locate his backpack, other shoe and my phone, when all of a sudden, our dog Roxy came flying through the kitchen and hit my leg, causing a tidal wave of coffee to do a rip curl over the top of my cup and splash all over the tile floor. Of course, it wasn’t black coffee, nope that would be way too easy. It was full of cream and sugar, so I now have a sticky slip and slide splattered across my kitchen floor!

My “crazy mama” kicked in and I turned to my son and said, “oh my Gawd! How am I going to get this cleaned up?” My son in his very helpful, sorry not sorry voice said, “ ask Alexa.” Which curiously enough, even while I rode the coffee slip and slide across my kitchen, “ask Alexa” reminded me of a fantastic article I just read by Stephen Miller CEBS a certified employee benefit accredited writer who covers compensation and benefits for #SHRM online.

It’s a crazy smart article about Alexa helping employees manage their healthcare, which is uber exciting! According to Miller’s article, Alexa will be able to help employees, “navigate their health insurance coverage and receive personalized health care services.”  Who doesn’t want to be able to find a local pediatrician with Alexa? Or check out where in the world their kid’s antibiotic online prescription is, in it’s rough and tumble tour through the universe?

In Miller’s article, he shares some insights from Alexa’s Head of Health and Wellness, Rachel Jiang. Part of the new functionality of Alexa will “help customers manage a variety of health care needs at home, simply using voice—whether it’s booking a medical appointment, accessing hospital post-discharge instructions, or checking on the status of a prescription delivery, and more.”

As a busy mom, I know that will come in super handy. We can all use a bit of help in the “managing our lives” space. Miller’s article goes on to share other aspects that would help in the workplace and at home. If there’s one thing I got from his article it’s the feeling of, “help is on the way!” You can check out the full article from SHRM’s blog here.

Here’s to a great rest of your week. I have to run now because apparently, my son discovered one thing Alexa can’t do, coffee cleanup. But being a resourceful mom, I used an old school trick my mom used on me for years. I’ll have him clean it up!

Talk soon,

Allison Mook

Co-founder Bullipatrol


If you are curious for more ways to make your life easier and keep your children safe, check out and ask your employer about BulliPatrol as a voluntary benefit. Bullipatrol is the only social media monitoring service to protect your children from online bullying, offered by employers. It’s your protective mantle for raising children in a social media world.

Does your employer already offer Bullipatrol as a voluntary benefit? If not feel free to share this article with them.

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