Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

We often hear Girls are sweet and Boys are rough and tumble, girls like dolls and boys like trucks. Well, what happens when girls and boys play together? They tend to share toys, ideas, and activities. Does that make the girl a “tom-boy” and the boy “girly”?


It shouldn’t be that way. Unfortunately, there is a lot of unnecessary pressure put on boy v.s girl playmate relationships. Whether it comes from parents themselves or playmates of the same gender, teasing the boy for playing with a girl, or the other way around.

Studies have shown when boys and girls play together they increase their experiences. If a boy only plays rough and tumble he doesn’t have a chance to share his feelings and talk things through like he would with a girl. Same goes for the girl if she’s always talking things through and doesn’t learn how to be upfront and strong and stand up for herself like she would if she were playing with boys, she loses out in the end.

An awesome article came out from CNN that explains the great opportunity available to kids who play with both genders. When we are able to let kids play with whomever they are drawn to, instead of saying, “Boys can’t jump rope” “girls don’t build forts.” Learning how to have relationships with both genders early in life will help both as they grow up and go out into the work world and into romantic relationships.


It’s all about open communication. If a boy gets teased for playing with a girl instead of jumping in and saying, “don’t play with those boys,” or ” our family doesn’t believe that you play with whomever you like.” Instead, do more of a conversation and ask your kids how it makes them feel and what they think they should do about it.

Until things change and we can all help it along. It seems that it’s okay for girls to be boyish but it’s still not okay for boys to be girlish. Even though as humans we all have emotions we all have feelings we all have muscles we all have brains. We are more alike than we are different.

Today take the time to encourage all of our human-ness. Let’s encourage our girls to speak their minds and stand up for themselves. Let’s encourage the boys to tell us what makes them hurt and let them shed a tear when they are afraid or sad at the loss of a pet. Let’s encourage our girls to climb trees and take a science class. Let’s encourage our boys to hold their baby sister and kiss her tenderly.


It’s in our tenderness with each other that our true strength is born.

Till next time,

Take care of each other, we’re all we have. 🙂

Kristi Linebaugh


Here’s another way we can help. If you know someone who is struggling with bullying of their children. Please share website for resources to help stop bullying and what to do if it’s happening to your child





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